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Winterglaze Retrofit Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing gives you exactly what you want for your home. giving you a warmer home in winter and a reduction in noise, condensation and reducing heat loss throughout the whole year.

Double Glazing

secondary-glazingEveryone wants a healthy, warm home environment for their families. It is widely accepted that the cost of energy to heat New Zealand homes will continue to increase over the next few years. Adding to the cost, traditional windows in New Zealand homes allow significant heat loss to occur through single glass window panes – up to 50%!

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How Does Winterglaze Retrofit Secondary Glazing Work?

window-cross-sectionA single glass window pane is a very efficient heat conductor, rapidly transferring heat from the inside of your home to the outside environment. The Winterglaze Retrofit Secondary Glazing System installs a single pane of glass inside your existing joinery system.

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Other Advantages

Condensation Reduction

When used in conjunction with adequate ventilation, Winterglaze Retrofit Secondary Glazing will result in a reduction in the levels of condensation forming on windows.

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